[SUMC] A message from the treasury - new Monday trip price!

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Mon Nov 15 13:13:40 GMT 2010

Hi everyone,

As you know, from the start of the year we have been charging £10 for the
trip to Dynamic Rock. This cost covered the entry into DR - £4.50 and the
coach fares to and from Clydach - £2.50 each. As you'll notice, this meant
we were making £3 per person, which in the beginner busy period was
necessary to cover the cost of hiring extra harnesses to supplement the club
kit and paying for the instructors to get to and from DR.

Now the majority of people are competent, have their own gear and we've got
a healthy balance to spend on new harnesses, helmets, ropes and other bits
and pieces, we can now reduce the cost of the Monday DR trips so that they
just cover entry and transport.

This new cost will start tonight, so bring £7 to Fulton house, 17:30.

*It would be a huge help if you could bring the correct change*, as 40
people needing £3 change would be a bloody nightmare!

See you there,


SUMC Committee

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