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13 Victoria Avenue
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> As most of you are probably aware, with your membership to the club comes
> BMC Insurance wich not only covers any climbing mishaps you may have
> persuing the sport but also gives 10% discount on a range of outdoor
> equipment and clothing from many shops! and a magazine!!
> We are currently almost ready to send the details but many of you have not
> filled in the address part of our indemnity forms correctly i.e missing
> post code, vary vague addresses or just plain stupid ones! also on some of
> the forms the writing is not clear enough to make out the address.
> if you could provide the following by replying to this it would be super!!
> house number
> street
> area [e.g brynmill]
> postcode
> if not otherwise stated i will assume Swansea!
> many thanks
> Matt R [treasurer]
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