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Merry Christmas everyone!

Just a heads up for your calendar as to whats coming up in the new year...

*Uni wall timetable*
The last session at the uni wall is *TONIGHT.*
Due to the exams, the first night back at the wall will be the *26th January

*Dynamic rock*
There are *no more* trips to dynamic rock this term.
The first trip to dynamic rock will be the *30th January*

*Day trip - Learn to lead trad*
The first day trip once we're back will be to Morlais quarries on the *4th
February*. This trip is aimed *primarily* at those who want to learn how to
lead trad, make belays, and other cool stuff, however it won't be solely
running for this purpose. IE experianced trad leaders and seconders can
sign up too, however we want to fill the learner spots up first. The
pre-requisite to learn to lead trad is to be able to lead sport indoors.
(See video here of Dave MacLeod sport leading in Norway if you're unsure
what leading is: http://www.ukclimbing.com/videos/play.php?i=750). There's
no way round this im afraid, purely from a safety point of view, so if you
need to learn how to lead sport (EASILY and SAFELY) then ping me an E-mail.
If you think you're happy with sport leading and want to learn to lead
trad, then can you also ping me an E-mail so I know what the numbers are
like. No rush on either guys, I'll send a reminder out towards new years...

Otherwise Ill see you all on the Thursday!

Ciao for now

Matt Ev

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