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Morning All,

Firstly, if anyone would like to order clothing this needs to be done by *this
Friday** (11th)*. Anyone who has emailed me and not paid will need to either
bring the money along to the uni wall session Thursday from 7-9 or arrange
to meet me at uni during the week.

*Easter Trip*

Due to the amount of people signing up for trips and not turning up without
canceling, a deposit for the Easter North Wales trip is now required. This
will be £20, which needs to be paid by *Monday 21st March. *Failure to do so
will mean that your place on the sign-up sheet will be lost. If you pay your
deposit and then have a legitimate reason for not coming we'll give it back
to you, the idea of these is to avoid the usual problem of waiting around at
Fulton house for people who have decided not to bother.


P.S. I'll work on getting more 50ps for next Monday.

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