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Hi Everyone,

The annual AGM meeting is fast approching and everyone who is a current club
member is invited to attend. The main aim of the meeting is to choose the *new
committee for the academic year 2011/2012* and take votes on some important
issues that will effect you if you are with us next year.

Please read the position descriptions below and if you want to be considered
for any of the roles then you must attend the meeting. You should prepare a
very short speech about why you should be president/secretary etc. after
which the attending club members will vote in the new committee.

Even if you would not like to be on the committee next year it is important
to attend so that your vote is counted!

The meeting will take place on *Friday the 13th of may* place TBC!

Hope to see you all there,

*Club Committee Positions

Their Roles and Responsibilities*

*President (currently Dave Sperring)*

This is the person in overall charge of the club and the committee,
whose role it is to ensure that the club functions effectively.  The
president is responsible for all aspects of the club, by either
delegating tasks to other committee members, or doing them their self.
 Is also responsible for arranging regular committee meeting, and
chairing them.  The bane of a president’s life is regular visits to
the Athletic Union to try and sort things out.  The president needs to
be keen and dedicated, as well as organised and decisive.  This person
should also have an amount of knowledge and experience of climbing.

*Secretary (currently Hannah Buckland)*

The secretary’s main task is to take minutes of committee meetings,
and then distribute these, so that an official record is kept of
decisions.  Also the main contact for the club.  The secretary’s
busiest time, is at the beginning of the year, when it is their task
to add all the new club member’s details to the membership database
and mailing list.  The secretary should be a well organised person.

*Treasurer (currently Jamie Greig)*

The treasurer is responsible for all things money related in the club.
 It’s the treasurer’s task to keep the money tin, and to collect money
at club trips.  The most important part of the treasurer’s role is to
then go the Athletic Union regularly to pay fees.

The treasurer needs to be very organised and have some maths skills.
They should also come on most club trips.  Ideally, they shouldn’t
have a criminal background either…

*Gear Rep. (currently Matthew Edwards)*

The gear rep. is the person who looks after all the club’s equipment.
This basically means that you have a house full of smelly shoes.  The
person is responsible for maintaining and checking the gear, but not
cleaning it.  Realistically, the gear rep. needs access to a car, as
there is often too much gear to carry.  He should also be
knowledgeable of climbing equipment.

*Social Sec (currently Rosie Dyer)*

The person responsible for organising club socials.  Needs to be a
keen and enthusiastic member, who is fairly approachable and outgoing.
 More importantly, the social sec. should be very organised and
committed, so that regular socials occur.

*Management Rep. (currently Tom Webber)*

The management rep. is normally an older club member, who has been on
the committee before, and is quite experienced.  Their main role is to
offer advice to the committee, and step in to help if they get into

*Trips and Competitions Sec. (currently Tom Dudley)*

The trips and competitions sec.’s role is to organise accommodation
for club trips away and competitions.  The trip sec. needs to be an
organised person, who can phone/email different people to sort

*Training Officer (currently Amy Griffiths)*

*N.B. This role wont be in the new committee*

The training officer is responsible for organising the progression of
new members and the training of the more experienced to become
teachers, all as safely as possible. It is essential that the training
officer is an experienced climber and a compatant instructor. Training
officer is busiest at the beginning of the year when the older members
are trained in teaching and the new members join. They also are
involved with organising competitions and encouraging members to
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