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Hi Climbers!

Sorry we haven't had a social for a while, I'm sure you'll understand we've
all got a lot of work on. my social life has died!
- but don't worry, all that time spent pretending to do my dissertation i've
been thinking what awesome socials we could have next!

On *March 27th* we'll go to JC's pub quiz

*Wednesday 30th* we'll have an SUMC easter egg hunt!- this will be a hunt
for easter egg 'tokens' that will be secretely hidden around campus- the
more egg tokens you find the more chocolate you will get!- the egg
posters/tokens may have clues on them to lead you to more eggs! *Fancy
dress- Easter theme*!!

After the easter holidays we'll be returning to Playzone on *Friday the 6th
of May*! as this is always a popular event, you'll need to sign up on the
website, we'll let you know when this is available, the cost will be roughly

Then we'll have our final social before next years social sec takes the
reigns- *On Friday 13th of May* we'll have our AGM where the new committee
will be elected. We'll have drinks (BYOB), snacks and pizza at our AGM,
maybe watch a climbing film and head off to JC's and TOOTERS for one last
big get together!

details will be sent out closer to the dates,
see you soon

Rosie x

SUMC Committee

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