[SUMC] F.A.O. People signed up for the Peak District trip this weekend

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Wed Mar 16 22:38:20 GMT 2011

Hello everyone,

Sorry you've got two emails in one evening but there's a lot of important
stuff here about the trip which some of you will be very pleased about so
please read it carefully.

We've had a look at transport, accommodation and number of experienced
leaders for the Peak District trip this weekend and come to the conclusion
that we can just squeeze you all on the trip (i.e everyone up to and
including Gareth). However, due to the number of experienced leaders on the
trip I can't guarantee everyone will be able to go trad climbing on both
days. Priority for trad climbing will go to those higher up the sign up
sheet but there will be opportunities to go bouldering for those lower down.
Obviously people higher up on the sign up can go bouldering if they wish

We will be meeting at 5pm (1700 to those of a Naval disposition) outside
Fulton House on Friday and leaving promptly. If you're late then we'll go
without you. If anyone is unable to make this time then please let us know
and we can sort something out.

You will need to bring the following kit with you:

- any climbing gear you have
- sleeping bag + roll mat (it's a scout hut so it's a sleep on the floor
- waterproof coat
- warm clothing, hats, gloves, scarves etc...
- appropriate clothing to climb in (JEANS NOT ALLOWED)
- torch (head torches are best)
- appropriate footwear (ie; something with some treads, not flat soled
floppy skate shoes or those stupid ugg things)

We will be staying in a scout hut on the outskirts of Sheffield in a place
called Fulwood. It has very limited kitchen facilities (suitable for making
hot drinks and toast) so please don't bring ingredients for cooking a
gourmet meal! There is also a toilet in the hut but unfortunately no picture
of the Queen and no Union Flag. The arrangements for food are as follows:

- Friday, stop for food on the motorway (KFC?) or bring your own packed
dinner. We will also stop at a supermarket for food supplies for the weekend
(need to buy enough for 2 x breakfast, 2 x lunch, snacks)
- Saturday, take away in the evening (pretty good Chinese down the road) or
eat your own food
- Sunday, stop for food on the way home (KFC?)

Just to let you know, we will be sharing the scout hut with a few people
from Kent University Mountaineering Club on the Friday night but they won't
be there on the Saturday night. If I remember rightly, the guy who owns the
scout hut has had problems in the past with students getting drunk and
damaging things so if you want to buy/bring alcohol please keep it to a
minimum and don't go crazy or we may not be allowed back in the future.

The price of the trip is not yet confirmed but it likely to be around £20 -
£25 (the cost will be lower for the bouldering team as they are only in the
scout hut one night). We are likely to be going climbing at some of the Peak
District's slightly quieter crags as there will be a very high number of
climbers in the area due to the BUCS bouldering comp. Yes, there are more
crags in the Peak District than Stanage!

If anyone is unable to attend the trip can you please cross your name off
the sign up sheet so we know who to expect on Friday. A lot of planning has
gone into this trip so I will be pretty annoyed if you don't turn up without
having let us know beforehand - just drop us an email and let us know. It's
not hard.

We hope to be back around 10pm-ish on Sunday evening. Weather is looking
really good for the weekend so it should be an awesome trip!

See you all on Friday,


P.S. Bouldering team - have a chat to Amy about your arrangements for
Friday/Saturday if you're unsure what's happening.

SUMC Committee

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