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Afternoon All,

Apologies for the delay in getting final details out, here they are.

*Travel *

We will be meeting on Saturday at 1200 outside Fulton House, which will
enable a nice relaxed drive up with a stop for some food or something. The
plan is to return on Thursday at a similar time, which might allow for some
bouldering, gear shopping or sight seeing (there's some good slate museums
I've heard...) during the morning.

*What we'll be doing*

There's no fixed plan on what we'll be doing and where during the week,
these will probably be made the night before after looking at the weather
and having a chat. It's likely that we'll pay a visit to some of the
mountain crags for some multi-pitch trad, have a few days scrambling and
walking and maybe some bouldering if the weather's good. The Met Office
forecast at the moment goes up to Saturday and it's not looking good so far,
so the following will be essential:

- Walking boots
- Waterproof Jacket & Trousers


We're staying in a bunkhouse called Dolawen which is situated in the Ogwen
valley (GR SH630648 for anyone who's interested). The facilities there are
good, with a fully kitted-out kitchen, showers, toilets and a large communal
room. The beds are big wooden bunk bed types with foam mattresses but there
are no pillows, so you'll need one of those (and a sleeping bag).


We'll head to Tesco Saturday, which will probably be the only food trip
other than a milk run or something. It would be a good idea if people only
brought a packed lunch with them for Saturday and bought everything else in
Tesco as car space is limited.

*Climbing Gear*

We'll sort all this out, though *I'm going by the assumption that you all
have a harness, belay device and shoes*. If this isn't the case then let me
know asap!


I'm going to make this point again, car space is *really* limited. Please
pack as light as possible unless you want to spend 5 hours in a car Saturday
with all your stuff on your face.


Everyone by now should have paid a £20 deposit. This means for most of you
(other than those that are leaving early) I'll need another £20 from you for
the bunkhouse and a similar amount for fuel (this will be worked out during
the week).

I hope that covers everything, if anyone has any questions then let me know.
If you're missing something vital like a sleeping bag, waterproof or walking
boots then let me know and I'll try and sort you out with some.


SUMC Committee

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