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Hi chaps

Thought Id give the heads up details to the next day trip. As tides are
pretty poor, most of the gower is out, so we're heading inland. We have two
possible crag destinations depending on popularity, leaders and available
drivers. For those interested these are Boiler slab on the gower near
Rhosilli, or Trebanog near Pontypridd. Regardless of where we go, the
following details will be the same for both destinations.

Trip *cost is £5* and we're meeting outside *fulton house at 8:30am*.
Anyone who has asked to borrow kit will get it there and look after it for
the day and remember to use the sign up sheet properly! If you ask for
something, you will be given it and it'll be your responsibility for the
day (IE dont ask for ropes unless you're a trad leader). We'll probably get
back to fulton house at *6:00pm*.

The trip is open to all, and the sign up sheet will be online from
*this* *Sunday
at midday*!! If the reserves start filling up, please don't be put off as *we
may extend the trip* if we get more leaders/car drivers (or if people drop

Kit list summarised:

   - Sensible climbing clothes. NO JEANS!!!!
   - Decent approach shoes
   - Warm wear
   - Waterproofs
   - Helmets!
   - Food and drink
   - Climbing harness
   - Belay device
   - Climbing shoes
   - Hat + Gloves (optional)
   - Money for pub on pond/KFC afterwards

I think thats everything. We'll remind you closer next week about where
we're going and when, but the date is staying so if you're free and want to
come then sign up!

Keep your eyes peeled for another E-mail about the superb/wet North Wales
trip coming up the week after. In there will also be details of the South
wales bouldering comp you guys could also enter...

Ciao for now

Matt Ev

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