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The time is getting closer!

This years Autumn North Wales trip is around the corner (25th November -
27th November) so some details would prove useful I guess. For those not
been there before North Wales is another fantastic climbing location, with
a huge amount of climbing, climbing history, community etc etc. One thing I
will say is its probably going to be very cold and very wet not just
because of the time of year, but because the Ogwen/Llanberis valleys are
notorious for it.

In ideal conditions we will be doing multi-pitch trad climbing which is
where a leader climbs up to a point (usually a nice ledge), belays the
seconder up, then goes on upwards to continue leading. Heres a video of
Johnny Dawes and his belayer on a pitch of a (very hard) multi pitch route,
ironically in North Wales.


In non ideal conditions, we'll probably go scrambling/hill walking/indoors
so be prepared for them too!

So as said, we're meeting at *5:00pm at Fulton house on Friday the 25th
November.* We'll climb/walk all weekend and return to Swansea on *Sunday
the 27th at about midnight*. We're staying in a bunkhouse again, but we'll
do a similar pattern for food as the peaks:

*Friday night*
Stop for takeaway/KFC and in local Tesco to get food for the weekend.
You'll need 2x Breakfasts, 2x dinners, and if you don't want a takeaway on
Saturday night, you'll need tea for saturday night.

Have breakfast
Have dinner
Go to bunkhouse and either cook or get takeaway

Have breakast
Have dinner
Go home stopping off somewhere on the way back

Kit List:

   - Climbing clothes: NOT JEANS. Don't forget these may get wet so
   something warm and quick drying would be useful
   - Warm wear (Definitely)
   - Waterproofs: Hoodies are not waterproof
   - Boots for the walk-ins
   - Harness
   - Helmet
   - Climbing shoes
   - Hat + gloves (optional but might need them)
   - Spare/dry clothes to change into
   - Daysack for stuff: As multi-pitch trad routes usually take about half
   a day you'll need something to take your dinner + drink up with you.
   - Sleeping bag
   - Possibly a roll mat, but I'll confirm this
   - Headtorch (optional/useful)

Trip cost is *£30*. For this trip we're taking *refundable deposits of
£30*off people. The sign up sheet will open on Wednesday morning this
week, and
*if you haven't paid a deposit by the following Tuesday, your name will be
struck off the list*. You can pay deposits on the *Thursday night sessions
at the wall*, *Sunday morning on the weekend trip, or Monday between 10-1
in JC's*. The deposit becomes non-refundable on Thursday morning UNLESS you
can find someone else to take your place (in which case, get them to give
you their £30 and let us know who the person is). Sorry to have to do this,
but if the club doesn't cover it's overheads we have to pay for this
ourselves and can't run anymore weekend trips!! (which I'm sure none of you
Now thats all for the North Wales trip. Those with guidebooks I suggest
bring them all as we could end up anywhere: North wales rock, Ogwen,
Llanberis, Tremadog etc. Any questions feel free to send me an E-mail!

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed the South Wales bouldering
competition is on the 26th November so we will be running both of these
together. I don't have all the details at the moment (such as times etc)
but Nick is planning the transport via the greyhound buses which cost very
little. The venue is Boulders in Cardiff which is a great indoor facility.
The competition is open to all, you don't have to be in the team to compete
and sounds like it should be fun.

Nick will send out another E-mail with these details when they're more

Ciao for now

Matt Ev

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