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Dear all
           If you are going on the Northwales trip ignore this e-mail,
however if you are not then listen up!
There is a south wales and bristol university bouldering competition being
held in Boulders in Cardiff on Saturday the 26th I will be attending with
the bouldering squad but this competition is not arranged like BUCS with a
certain amount of slots etc. It is arranged as an open competition where
you compete as an individual and it is open to EVERYONE! there are two
categories (returners/experienced) and freshers (this means anyone new to
the climbing club this year) you do not have to be a wizard technical
boulder to enter this comp in fact I imagine the average grade of those
entering will probably be V1.

This is the facebook link to the competition:
http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=298842006800178 so you can have a look
Also if you are going to attend please register yourself as attending on
the facebook page (it will make the entry price cheaper for everyone)
I will also sort a signup sheet on crag chat which you will need to
register on so I can organise everyone getting there together!

Also the Cardiff climbing club have kindly offered floor space for people
to crash on if people decide to stay on in Cardiff and join most of the
competitors for a night of drinks at the cardiff su (which is awesome btw).

Much love all and I hope that many of you will attend for the fun of the

Nick Foulds
SUMC training officer

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