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Thu Nov 17 11:42:17 GMT 2011

Hi de hi

This message is directed at those coming on the day trip this Sunday, and
those on the reserves that may get bumped onto the trip...

Due to the limited number of experianced trad leaders on the sign up sheet,
this weekend trip will be to boiler slab in rhossilli. While the leaders
will be leading routes as normal, we'll set up some top ropes on other
routes so the rest of you have got something to do still to climb. Those
getting to grips with UKC can check out the crag on there.

A reminder of the details:

Meet at *Fulton House at 8:30am* with *£5* for the trip. We'll be getting
back to *Fulton house/pub on the pond at 5:30ish* so if you want pub lunch
remember to *bring money*. Anyone who has asked to borrow kit will be given
it at Fulton House, so stuff it in your bags there.
Kit list:*

   - Suitable climbing clothes: NOT JEANS!
   - Decent approach shoes
   - Warm wear: The crag is user friendly and bags wont be too far away so
   whilst you're waiting for a climb, a fleece/hoody would be handy
   - Waterproofs: Hoodies aren't waterproof
   - Helmet
   - Food and drink
   - Climbing harness
   - Climbing shoes
   - Belay device
   - Hat + Gloves (optional)

Weather forecast has changed from good sunshine to 'I don't know' but we'll
see how we go on the day.

See you guys on Sunday!

Matt Ev
SUMC Committee

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