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Sat Nov 19 13:33:35 GMT 2011

Dear all,
        Hope you're well this fine day! The signup sheet for the bouldering
comp in Cardiff is open, please signup if you're keen (it's just so I have
numbers) the cost of the trip will be either £7.50 or £5 on the door
(depends on how many people attend) plus the cost of getting to cardiff and
back. (£2.75 on the greyhound if you book now the 8:15 bus is the one you
want) http://www.greyhounduk.com/
However I think Greg and Mat Riordan are both coming and driving so there
will hopefully be some car spaces available (will go to the first people on
the signup) any other Drivers would be welcomed heartily! Petrol costs will
be split between the people in each car, drivers responsibility. Also you
will need to decide for yourselves if you are going to stay and party
through the night a little before crashing in cardiff, floor space will be
provided so bring a roll mat and sleeping bag (possibly even a pillow!) Or
if you want to return to Swansea for the evening, look at booking a return
bus for after 11 (comp finishes at 10 but is a little way from central).

Remember this comp is aimed at CLIMBING FRESHERS (new to the climbing club
this year) so please join up and come along for a really fun day at
boulders! Everyone else is also welcome of course as there are returning
climbers and an elite category as well!

Any questions ask via e-amil or facebook
I will go into more details on the coach to/from dynamic rock on Mon and at
the wall on Thursday

Nick Foulds
SUMC training officer

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