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Tue Nov 22 12:04:23 GMT 2011

North wales people ignore this!
Everyone else, I just booked my Greyhound ticket, Bus leaves at 8:15, costs
£2.75 (plus 50p booking fee) I think it's still £7.50 entry but there are
87 ppl on the facebook page atm so only 13 needed for it to drop to £5
If you need gear E.G. shoes (that's all you need +chalk!)  talk to Joe
Facebook/SUMC e-mail or phone him!
If you are going to come along remember to add yourself to the facebook
signup and the SUMC one:



Any questions feel free to phone me - 07969824067 (sometimes I will be in
lectures but will call back)

So meeting point for this trip is either 8:00 at the Swansea Central Bus
station (Opposite massive Tescos) or Cardiff central bus station at 9:20

Nick Foulds
SUMC Training Officer
Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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