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Sat Oct 22 23:06:12 BST 2011

Dear all

Lots of people have been asking and I finally have a bit of an answer. 
Gear night will be on the *31st October at Dynamic Rock* (same night as 
the bouldering try-outs). Basically if you're fed up of using the clubs 
old-school harnesses or smelly shoes then NOW is the time to get your own!

I have been told that the harnesses are mens small - large and womens 
Xsmall - medium and are made by Wild Country (one of the best brands for 
climbing gear) and the shoes are coming in sizes 6-10 and are Evolv 
Bandits (also look seriously good).

Also available are chalk bags, chalk bag belts + chalk balls, but I 
*don't have a price* from Dynamic Rock yet. Once I know Ill give you a 
break down of cost, but typically it'll be a bit cheaper then anywhere 

Bare it in mind and keep an eye on E-mails from our gear rep Joe about this!


Matt Ev
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