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Before I start going through the details, a quick reminder of the usual 
session incase anyones a bit unsure still.

  * Monday nights are Dynamic rock indoor centre nights. Cost is £10,
    meet at Fulton house at 5:30pm to leave at 6:00pm, and we return at
    10:30pm ish.
  * Thursday night 'uni' wall sessions: £1.50, meet at the sports centre
    for 7:00pm. Remember taster sessions are now OVER so if you want to
    go to anything, E-mail us asap to get your membership.

_*Next day trip*_
The next day trip will be to Three Tors on the gower on *Saturday the 
29th of October*. We're not using the minibus this time hence places 
will be slightly more limited. Trip cost is *£5* and due to tides we are 
meeting at *Fulton House at 8:30AM*!

This time we'll be climbing properly so there is a stigma attached to 
this; in order to come we need as many people /lead belaying/ as 
possible. Ill explain what this is at the bottom but if we don't get 
enough belayers, we may have to reduce the numbers on this trip. If you 
want to learn how to lead belay - fantastic! it'll mean you can come to 
more outdoor trips! Keep reading and I'll tell you when we're doing the 

*Things to bring to this trip:*

  * Climbing clothes IE not jeans!
  * Some decent approach shoes and/or to climb in
  * Spare warm clothes
  * Waterproofs
  * Food
  * Drink
  * Money for pub on the pond afterwards
  * Small-ish daysack to carry it all in
  * Carrier bags are a bad idea! Keep yourself handsfree for walk-ins

The *sign up* sheet will be open from *Tuesday at 1:00pm*

_Now, lead belaying is:_
watch from 30 seconds onwards for a video

Regular dynamic rock attendees know what top-rope belaying is - fine for 
when the rope's already at the top. To get the rope to the top, you have 
to lead a climb. Leading is going up a climb, and protecting yourself on 
the way up using equipment either fixed in place such as bolts (for 
sport climbing) or removable (trad climbing). In case of a fall, the 
lead belayer has to react to catch the falling climber.

I won't go too much into it, but it involves doing exactly the same as 
top-rope belaying, and the opposite technique. We need to teach those 
who don't know it in order to maximise the number of people who can come 
on the trips.

*This lesson will take place at the Uni wall THIS THURSDAY (27th 
October). If you don't attend then we will favour those who CAN lead 
belay on trip priority.* If you can already lead belay, can you please 
reply asap as we basically need you to prove you can /before/ we get to 
the crag.

If you want to do a bit of research, I've got books Ill show people that 
explain it well, or have a google/youtube for lead climbing or lead 

Thats all for now, if I've forgotten something or you want to know more, 
just send me an E-mail back!

Ta for now!

Matt Ev

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