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Hi gang, welcome back, hope your easter break was a good one and you got
lots of climbing done!

As most of you will be heading back to Swansea this weekend its probably a
good idea to give you a climbing forecast as to whats in store for the
final term. Lets start with the easy stuff...

The most important part of the SUMC calendar is the Annual General Meeting
of the club. If you have an interest in staying in the club (ie we've not
scared you enough) then you should DEFINITELY attend this. While the
committee make decisions every week, this is YOUR opportunity to have your
say in certain matters of the club next year, including whos running it.
That also brings me nicely onto candidate positions next year...

I sent out an E-mail before Easter with job descriptions on the committee
positions. Now is the time to start seriously considering if you want one
and if you do, best get writing your election plea! Remember candidates are
voted in by aptitude, not popularity!

*Twighlight climbing*
Thursday night uni wall sessions will begin once more on the 26th April
(this Thursday) same price of £1.50, same time of 7:00pm

Monday nights will be changing slightly. As people are becoming more and
more busy with deadlines its understandable that numbers heading to dynamic
rock will drop. If we were to keep booking coaches that would be sparsely
filled then we'd lose a SHED load of money. Hence although Monday nights
will continue, they will only do so if there are car drivers with spare
seats. This is probably best organised through the facebook group, or if
people prefer I can open Monday night sign up sheets for the next couple of
weeks so car drivers and people wanting lifts can say so there. If you guys
want the latter ping me an E-mail and I'll make it so.

*Outside climbing*
Weather is (hopefully) improving now so those of you with the equipment
should be able to grab a few routes after uni on some days! If you want
advice on where to go for whatever route/problem style give the committee
and E-mail or a message on the facebook group - plenty of advice available.

As for organised trips, the first will be to *Trebanog* on *Saturday the
28th April.* Trebanog is a fantastic crag...OK im lying, its pretty grim
but the climbing is excellent and well worth braving the locals for. Trip
cost will be *£5* and based on how many car drivers we have in attendance.
I'll open the sign up sheet on Monday morning about 10ish. Kit list wise
you should know the drill by now:

Sensible climbing clothes - NOT JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock shoes
Good shoes for the walk in (its a *bit* steep but about 2 minutes at most)
Warm wear
Hat + Gloves (optional)

Don't forget to save money for the cornwall trip at the end of the year if
you want to go! To get those of you interested excited, heres some awesome
pictures I've picked out of Cornish climbing!

10 points if you can name the routes ;)

Thats all for now I think. Any queries fire em this way!


Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

Web: http://www.sumc.org.uk
Forum: http://www.sumc.org.uk/cragchat

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