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Wed Apr 25 11:31:51 BST 2012

Evening all!

This is a final call for all passengers attending our trip to Trebanog to
ensure their names are on the sign up sheet provided. Attendees are
reminded that any additional equipment required should be declared before
travel. Any extras other than those listed will NOT be brought!

The weather is currently forecast to be a bit turbulant so please antipcate
this NOW: Bring a coat. Although this may be a bit of a drag, it could be a
rain-free trip so don't be disheartened. It will be cloudy though, so no
need for aviators or hats with corks!

Departure time is 08:30 from Fulton house. Climbers should aim to be on
time and ready to go, with the travel currency of £5 ready for collection.
Passengers failing to pay this will not be permitted to travel. We'll be
leaving at 08:30 in convoy (probably with my car at the leading edge) and
it'll probably take about an hour to get there. Our estimate time of return
is 18:00 (or sooner if the weather turns poor). We will have a wet weather
alternative if needed.

A reminder of essential equipment required:

Sensible climbing clothes - NOT JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!! - If its going to rain
too, you don't want to be wearing jeans
Rock shoes
Good shoes for the walk in (its a *bit* steep but about 2 minutes at most)
Warm wear
Hat + Gloves (optional)

Currently we're over the car allocation limit, so if someone else could
drive that would be great. Thats all for now, don't forget the AGM on the
4th May!

Over and out

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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