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Apologies for the essay...

Exams and deadlines are ahead of us but don't forget that after that is the

Before I go into the details, don't forget the AGM is on May the 4th (This
Friday). Please make sure you attend this if you are even considering
joining the club next year, as you can voice your own opinions here!
AGM plan*
At the AGM, we have a couple of things we need to vote on first before the
elections. These topics have been decided and listed here as you may want
to start considering them. The topics to be discussed as a club are:

Membership fee next year
Addition of website secretary to the committee

With regards to the latter, the role of the web-sec will be purely that: to
maintain, amend and update the website on a regular basis, including
uploading content to the website. As far as normal committee proceedings
go, the web-sec wouldn't be expected to turn up to most SUMC committee

After we've voted on these, we'll have a short recess and start the voting
for the committee positions. We're trying to get a room near JC's so you
can grab a pint at this juncture if you like...
Once we know the room, we'll E-mail it round to you, and try to put some
SUMC arrows around campus so you know where you're going!


*Cornwall plan*
We'll be staying relatively costal and we'll be camping! This means the kit
list will be (*roughly*) as follows:

*Cornwall kit list*
HELMET - No helmet, no go. No reminders this time!
Rock shoes
Decent approach shoes
Belay device
Nut key
Clothes for the week
Sleeping bag
Roll mat/thermarest
Good daysack to bring to crags (multipitch routes may require you to carry
essentials all day on your back)
*Cooking equipment*!

If you have a tent, please list it by ticking it on the sign-up sheet, and
any additional car drivers please do the same. The campsite has shower
facilities, toilets, a small (and expensive) bar and thats about it. The
dates listed on the website are FINAL (6th - 11th June) - we'll be leaving
Swansea on Wednesday the 6th at about 10:30am and returning to swansea late
on the 11th (may end up being technically the 12th). Please pack as lightly
as possible as we'll have lots to cram in! As well as the mandatory list
above, you will also need to sort out between you and your climbing
partner: 1x trad rack and 1x rope(s). Again please be careful about
selecting this on the sign up sheet - Once you have signed up, you CAN
cancel and modify your sign up without losing your place!

*What to expect*
You'll need to be able to abseil comfortably, quickly and independantly
with a prussik BEFORE signing up. This doesn't mean setting up the abseil,
but knowing what to do with the rope once its up. Commando ridge at
bosigran requires this just to start the route, as well as the 'walk in' to
Sennen. Basically if you can't abseil, you can't get to half the crags
which would be a crap holiday. If you need help/training/reminding with
this, send us an E-mail! The last climbing session we can organise to do
this will be on THIS THURSDAY!
Also note that climbs at Bosigran are multipitch so your climbing pair need
to be OK with this. We will probably be swapping around partners all week
but any queries let us know. Needless to say some tat and a maillon may be
useful if weather turns nasty mid route....

We stop off at a supermarket before we reach the site to grab the food we
need. We may do a second stop to re-stock, but this will depend on how much
room we have in cars. As its a campsite, you will need some method (or pay
for someone else's gas/fuel) of cooking (or just buy food that doesn't need
cooking). Commonly this means a small camping stove + gas and pots + pans.
If you NEED a stove, list it on the sign up sheet so you can ask someone
who doesn't if you can borrow theirs. The club doesn't have club stoves im

To some this won't apply, but those gathering a collection, Rockfax have a
West Country Climbs book which has got some pretty coloured topos of the
crags we'll visit, however it doesn't list all the climbs. The West
Cornwall book by Cordee / Climbers club has got less images but is a bit
more comprehensive...

The sign up sheet will open on Monday morning at 10:00am and there will
only be 20 spaces. The trip cost will be £40 and we'll be taking 100%
deposits for this one. Basically if you sign up, you have until the end of
the 14th May to pay your deposit. If you don't you'll be striked from the
list and the reserves will take your place. Livid.

There probably will be more details at a later date, but for now if you
want an abseil reminder, send us an E-mail and turn up on Thursday. Any
other queries ping me an E-mail.

Tatty bye!

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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