[SUMC] Last Tuesday Update of 2012 (Refreshers and Spain!)

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Tue Dec 11 09:58:20 GMT 2012

Dear SUMC members/alumni/friends,

We have now had our last official climbing session of 2012, but I know
you'll all be training really hard over christmas so that you can send even
harder routes in the new year! Here's what is coming up this week and after
exams next year:

*Christmas Ball!!! 13th Dec*
You're probably all sick of hearing me go on and on about this, but I just
can't curb my excitement! Meet at JC's at 6:30pm on Thursday (even if you
haven't got a ticket, come down for a drink and to say goodbye before
christmas). The bus will be leaving Fulton House at 7pm prompt, so make
sure you're there on time!

As part of "My Week" which runs from the 21st-25th Jan and includes lots of
employability workshops and the Varsity launch, we will be running another
Give it a Go! session. This will take the form of a normal Thursday (24th
Jan) evening at the climbing wall (7-9pm, £1.50) but if you have not yet
got round to joining the club, or you have but want to get your mates
involved then this is the only time in the semester when you will be able
to climb without having paid membership.
We will also be at Refreshers' Fayre on Sat 26th Jan in Fulton House if you
want to come by and ask us any questions.

*Day Trip*
Our first day trip in the new year will be on Sunday 27th Jan and will be
primarily focused on learning to lead trad (as long as the weather is good).

*Peaks Trip/ BUCS*
The first and last weekend away next semester will be from 22nd-24th
February to the Peak District, although we will be staying on the Western
side this time. The BUCS teams will also be competing this weekend in

*El Chorro!*
Our only trip abroad this year will be to Spain in the first week of the
Easter holiday. Make sure you save your christmas money/ sell those crappy
presents so you can save > £300. Deposits are due to Matt Riordan by Jan
18th and will be roughly £80 (non returnable). You must make sure that you
have organised a climbing partner before you pay this. We will be teaching
the required techniques to those who wish to go but haven't done that much
sport climbing. More details will be released after christmas.

Have a wonderful holiday and good luck in your exams!

Charlotte x
SUMC Committee

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