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Hey SUMC'ers

This years Easter Trip is going to be an adventure to the area of Spain
known as *EL CHORRO*!!! so get your spanish up to scratch and psyched for
some world class sport climbing!

As last year's trip to Sella was such a success we decided it would be
great to run a trip of similar if not better standard,  to wet your
appetite heres a link to Camino del Rey
a route/epic adventure that will suerly be on everyones ticklist.

So here are some things that you need to know before you sign up:

The trip will most likely run the first week of the Easter break for
roughly a week, exact dates will be confirmed once we have an idea of how
many people are coming and accommodation booking.

We will need a* deposit* for accomidation booking* before you can sign
up*to the trip, this will be around
* £80* payable to me [Matt R]. A *deadline of January 18th* will be on

A certain level of competence will be required such as being able to lead
sport including threading top rings and stripping a route.  [This can all
be tought to you if you are not sure]
You must organise a climbing partner willing to climb with you prior to
getting out there.
You will be responsible for organising your own: Flights, food, and most
importantly insurance which will be a manditory requirement to coming on
the trip.

Different from last years trip, we may not be hiring cars as the crags are
all fairly close together and there are rail links from the airport
[Malaga] to El Chorro.  This means that a reasonable level of fitness will
be required so that we can get to crags in good time and make the most of
the time out there.

I would suggest bugeting* around £300 for the whole trip.*

Again this is only a feeler e-mail to see who's interested with more in
detail information to come once things begin to develop

Please ingore any spelling or grammar errors - Im an engineer

Matt R
SUMC Committee

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