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Sun Jan 29 17:19:47 GMT 2012

Hi all

As some of you may know, give it a go week is this week which lets people
who forgot to/didn't join a university club, give the clubs activities a go
to see if they like it (cunning name eh?). SUMC are participating in this
so if you know anyone who wants to try climbing then get them to sign up at
the stall that will appear inside fulton house this week.

The activity we're doing is our usual Thursday night session at the uni
wall. As some of you will undoubtedly remember how busy the first few uni
wall sessions are, you'll remember the amount of climbing time on the wall
will be very short in comparison to a normal session. So if you don't want
to be standing around for most of the evening it's probably a good idea to
avoid it this week... Having said that, if you still want to try and
squeeze in a climb you're welcome to come still! I thought I should give
you all a heads up in advance instead of you guys turning up and finding
the reception crowded with new climbers!

Business will resume the following Thursday...


Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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