[SUMC] Day trip tomorrow

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Fri Mar 9 11:30:30 GMT 2012

Hi everyone

We have a total of 25 people coming to Fall bay tomorrow so its looking
like an awesome trip. Weather is cloudy with no rain forecast, but
hopefully its a bit warm too!

A reminder, the trip cost is *£5* and we're leaving fulton house at *8:00am*.
If you have your own gear, please remember to bring it. If people are
hanging around (no pun intended) and the crag is quiet, we'll set up some
top ropes on stuff so people have something to climb.

*The kit list*
Sensible climbing clothes - NOT JEANS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rock Shoes
Good shoes for the walk in
Warm wear
Head torch

We should get back to Fulton house about 19:00 ish. As we're not using AU
minibuses this time at least we wont be stranded...

Any questions ping me an E-mail, otherwise see you Saturday!

Matt Ev

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