[SUMC] Rubik's Cube Social and Alex L's premature birthday do :D

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Fri Mar 9 12:36:56 GMT 2012

Hello all

*Wednesday 21st March* is Rubik's cube night :) Come to *POTTERS WHEEL* in
all 6 colours of a Rubik's cube (RED, BLUE, YELLOW, GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE)
for* 8:00* ish, where i will expailn rules etc.
Then we'll head out to town and end up on Wind Street.

The aim of the night is to have only one colour left on you.
Think about your colour before the night.
Others may pick the same as you sotherefore bartering skills are going to
be put to the test :D

Please DON'T wear clothes you are particually fond of as you may never see
them again. Go on a charity shop run. Or Primark if you're rich :P Also
remember to wear unstripable clothes as i don't want to see loads of naked

The winner will get a prize, if i am not so drunk that i don't make it to
the end of the night! What are the chances of that.....

Forfeits will be enforced (not only alcohol related) for lack of costume

Can't wait


P.S. Alex L will be 20 on the 27th so to celebrate him being old this is
for him as well.
SUMC Committee

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