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Hi Boys and Girls!

*Gear Night*
Tomorrow evening is our Gear Night, your opportunity to get your own
harness, shoes, chalk bags, nuts, quickdraws, clothing and much more at
discounted prices! If you are fed up of using the club's strange harnesses
and smelly shoes, come along. We will be meeting in front of Fulton House
at *4:45pm*, the bus will be leaving at 5pm so be on time! The total cost
of transport will be *£2*, but make sure you bring enough money to spend on
gear as well! If you have offered to be a club driver for the night, please
bring your car to uni and we will work out if/when you are needed before we
go. Afterwards we will all be heading up to JC's and possibly on to Diva's
(you can leave your newly purchased gear in the cloakroom).

*Day Trip*
The day trip running on Sunday will be to Boiler Slab on the Gower. This
will be a really good chance to try out the edges on those new shoes, or
scratch up those new nuts a little. We will be meeting outside Fulton House
at* 8:30am* and the total cost of the trip will be *£5*.

*Kit List*
Shoes appropriate for the walk-in (grippy soles)
Warm Clothes
Rock shoes
Belay device
Lunch/ Snacks

Our wet weather option will be bouldering heaven V9, which is on the way to
Cardiff, so even if it looks rainy, make the effort to get out of bed! If
you know you cannot come on the day trip in advance, please cancel your
name from the sign-up so that we know not to wait for you.

*The Peak District*
There are still 2 places left for this weekend trip! For those who have
signed up, you must pay Matt Riordan (or another member of the committee) *
£35* on or before *Monday 29th October. *Failure to do so will mean that
you are dropped to the bottom of the priority list and may lose your place
on the trip. If you are a car driver, you do not need to pay, the £35 will
be deducted from your fuel reimbursement.

Keep your eye on the e-mails for more good news!

Hope to see you at the wall soon,
SUMC Committee

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