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Salut SUMC!

I know you're all working hard as exams/coursework deadlines get closer,
but for those of you who have decided to take a tactical break by signing
up to the day trip tomorrow, here's a little more info.

We will be meeting at Fulton House at 7:45am (I expect you all to be bright
eyed and ready to go!). Remember the trip this week is £8 as we're going to
Please remember all those important things like:

   - Climbing stuff (harness, shoes, belay device, prussik, rack, ropes,
   nut key, HELMET, etc.)
   - Food (lunch/snacks)
   - Drink (enough for the whole day, preferably non-alcoholic)
   - Waterproofs
   - Warm clothes
   - Your car, if you're driving...

If you haven't got your deposits in yet, tut tut. If you're not intending
on coming any more, please cross your name off the list, otherwise, get
your deposit in quick before someone takes your place!
PLEASE list the size of your tent, if you have one, on the sign up sheet
asap so that we can make sure that everyone will have some canvas between
their sleeping bag and the elements. Also, please remember that you will
need something to cook on! Please make it clear that you need a stove on
the sign-up sheet so we can try to work out sharing.
If you haven't got camping stuff yet, start thinking about what you are
going to need and start acquiring it (Stoves, tents, sleeping bags, cooking
pots/pans, cutlery, water bottles, and all that good stuff).

That's all for now but keep an eye out for an e-mail regarding the AGM very

Peace out,


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