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Ahoy Club members

Don't delete this E-mail! While its content may not be of use or interest
to you, I have written it (albeit a bit drunk) in such a manner to promote
a smile upon your face. Or in such a way for you to clench your fist and
want to smash the screen to bits. Either way, the outcome is of enjoyment
to others around you!

I am hereby writing regarding the fantastic, once in a lifetime* summer
climbing trip to Cornwall! Ill begin with the boring basics first:

Trip cost : £45. Deposit required before we leave, deadline errr April-ish,
one week into next term (After loan day!)
Trip dates : 4th-9th June (this year obviously)
Location : Cornwall
Method of accomodation : Tents/bivi bags or home made contraptions allowed
Requirements to come : You must be able to lead belay and ABSEIL
Location : Still Cornwall
Sign up opens : Next couple of days, check the facebook group for a calling

So now the exciting bit, why you should come...

<geeky climbing talk>
Cornwall offers fantastic climbing routes on granite rock - a combination
of grippy gritstone with edgy limestone holds. The scenery (google it) is
of course incredible and the accents people talk with are also of interest.
Even just abseiling into a crag and going "Corr, this is awesome!" Will
make the trip worthwhile. This will be the only trip of the year that you
can have a look at the SUMC logbook - a collection of past and present logs
from committee members dating back to 1984 of climbing epics and trips.
</geeky climbing talk>

As pictures speak louder than words, heres a picture of demo route at
Sennen (one of the crags we'll be visiting)


Basically this is the daddy of the climbing trips. If you haven't been on
any yet, come on this one! Save those pennies and empty your camera as this
will be a trip you WON'T want to miss. Last year the weather was terrible,
yet we still had a great time:



etc etc

So now that Ive whetted your appetite, I hear you cry "I want to come, but
don't know how to abseil" Well don't panic. As we want you to come, we'll
teach you/refresh you on everything you need before you go. Ideally turning
up to some day trips next term is the best way, but failing that me and Joe
will run some training classes somewhere in mumbles so you can get up to

The rest is up to you. So if you're interested in going, start asking your
climbing friends if they're interested too and before you know it we'll
have a merry band of climbers ready to tackle to cornish climbs (and ice

If you have any questions, you know the drill: ping us an E-mail and we'll
get back to you.

Ive probably missed a metric tonne off of this E-mail, but hopefully you're
now thinking about it!

Fat Matt

*Trip is not once in a lifetime if you join the club next year and go to
Cornwall again.
SUMC Committee

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