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My dear SUMC-ers,

As exams approach and the world seems to get darker and colder, do not
fear. The warmth and light of the Cornwall trip will sustain you!!! If
you've signed up - congratulations on being on the ball enough to click
that little button in time. If you haven't, well shame on you, but it is
still worth signing up on the reserves list as the sign-up may be expanded
and some people may yet drop out.

This is just a little e-mail to remind you that the deposit date is Monday
22nd April, upon or before which £45 must be paid to the club so that your
space on the trip will be reserved. An abseiling course will be run on the
afternoon of Wednesday 24th April, so if you have never abseiled with a
prusik or have but can't quite remember how, then please reply to this
e-mail stating your interest in attending. You MUST know how to do this in
order to attend the trip. Also it will be fun.

Basically, this trip will be epic (in the good way, not the getting stuck
on climbs way...)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter,

SUMC Committee

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