[SUMC] Uni Wall improvements, Winter time suggestions, and Easter Trip Update

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Ahoy me heartys!
This E-mail here be some light reading when ye have time!

Uni Wall Improvements
As you already know, the uni wall rocks. It used to before the holds were
added, but now we're getting so much traffic on the wall, its time for some
more additions.
The wall is pretty flat which makes the routes a bit mundane, so we're
looking at adding some volumes
<http://www.climbukshop.com/shopimages/products/normal/CTV.jpg> for some
added 3D-ness! We're quite limited for a few reasons, but hopefully in the
coming months we'll get something up and on.
We'll also start investing in some new footholds to make routes a bit more
challenging. No more crimping everything and thugging through!

Winter Time
Yes despite some perfect weather in North Wales last weekend, soon days
will be short, cold and damp. Climbing outside will be difficult, but if
you're still keen to climb, there are still options.
The first is to go hill-walking. Yep, sounds stupid for a form of climbing,
but heading to the hills on a cold, maybe rainy day is still good for you.
Be careful if snow is around, you don't want to get lost on the hill in a
white out (and we won't let you hear the last of it either)
The other option is get indoors and get strong! Keeping your one session a
week indoors (or 3 if you're keen ;) ) will make sure you keep your
climbing brain ready for next term. There are lots of exercises and
workouts on UKC, bouldering forums and youtube if you want to get your
bouldering physique going.

Easter Trip!
We have decided that this years SUMC easter trip will be to Frankenjura,
Germany. Here are some reasons:

   - We've never been before. The world is too small to re-visit the same
   - Theres a LOT of sport climbing there
   - Grades range from f2 - f9a (the famous, Action Directe
   - Shouldn't be excessively expensive
   - Theres a lot of climbing there...
   - Should be warmer than the UK

Its a good idea to start thinking about this now for two main reasons:
Money and Training. By training I don't mean pull-ups and circuits
(although that would be useful too), but learning how to thread belays,
types of bolts, how to climb efficiently outdoors etc. By starting after
Christmas we can crack on, get lots of practice in, then in Germany it'll
be second nature. Ill devise a structured program over Christmas so we can
get everyone confident.
The dates of the trip will be the first week of the Easter half term, 28th
- 4th. The exact dates aren't known yet, but its very likely the adventure
will begin on the Monday 30th.
We can either: fly then hire a car OR Drive the whole way. The former would
be pretty damn expensive so we've decided to drive.

There is a final word of warning however. As this trip is a one off and
quite unique the experienced members/committee won't be on hand to make
sure you're OK and looking after you - they've paid the money to go
climbing too. So that's why all training and preparation MUST be done while
we're still in Wales.
This also includes finding a partner and equipment which I know a lot of
you have done so already. Know how to use it and practice as much as you
Some routes may be run-out so taking large falls outside will be a very
useful skill to be able to do!

Anyway thats all for now. They'll be a couple more E-mails coming about the
caving trip and other bits so keep an eye out. But otherwise enjoy your
final few days of term.

Last uni wall tonight of the year!! :(

Matt Ev

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