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Evenin' all...

Some of you are either home already or in the process of leaving uni, but
for those of you who aren't and are still eager to climb, keep an eye out
on the facebook group for last minute spaces on trips up for grabs!

Soon you'll be all bogged down with the revision blues which are very
important. Almost as important as climbing, so we'll try to keep E-mails
over the christmas break to a minimum so you can focus. With that in mind
I'm going to explain our next day trip which actually is underground...

*Caving Trip *
*Date: 31st JanuaryCost: £5*
Yes its the caving trip on January the 31st. I know, its not climbing, and
yes its a bit different but being the adventurous, lot you are you'll love
it. Its just like scrambling but darker! The south wales caving club have
kindly offered to take groups of us into Ogof Ffynon Ddu
<http://www.ogof.net/>, the deepest cave in the UK!

As its not our area of expertise, I'm going to hold off giving you a kit
list and just say: wear old clothes that you don't mind getting muddy, plus
warm stuff as it can get cold. Waterproofs are also a good idea if you'd
like to go wading, but a trip REQUIREMENT will be a *headtorch* and helmet!
(The latter you can borrow of course).

The sign up is available on the website and will be limited to about 12,
but if we get alot of interest we'll ask SWCC if they can accommodate more.
The cave is also a pretty friendly environment; you wont be anywhere
'dodgy' (unless you ask ;) ) and if you don't like tight spaces you can
just ask not to go anywhere with tight spaces.... It is a great trip, and
we're definitely looking forward already!

The first meeting after exams will be on the 29th...which is a Thursday. I
hope by now you know what Thursday means ;) If not, 'the answer is always
on the website'.

If you're heading outside for a climb/walk/scramble, please post your trip
pictures on the facebook group to make everyone else jealous ;) Expect some
shots from Snowdonia from me...

Have a fantastic christmas, enjoy the snow as much as you can but most
importantly, eat lots.

Lots of love

Fat Matt x

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