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Hi Everyone. This is a weekly report of events to come.

Firstly, this E-mail is for SUMC members ONLY. All events from now on are
open only to those who are SUMC members (including indoor sessions).

*Photos From the Weekend*
If you have any pictures from the day trip on the weekend and can't E-mail
them/upload to facebook/can't be bothered/etc but you still want to share
them, you can bring them on a memory stick to Fulton House tonight (Monday).

*Monday - Dynamic Rock, indoors*
*£10*. Meet at *17:30 at Fulton House*, coach LEAVES at 18:00
Returning at 22:00 then drinks in JC's. If you want more teaching let us
know at Fulton House.

Once we think you can get signed off, its £2 to register at dynamic rock
(one off payment for eternal membership). We will send you up to fill in
the form and thats it, you no longer need our help for top-rope climbing.
Lead climbing however, will require a bit more teaching ;)

*Thursday - Uni Wall, indoors*
*£1.50*. *19:00 - 21:00* at the *Sports Hall*, Sketty Lane. Then JC's
This is *no longer a give-it-a-go* session so it wont be a busy one. Just
turn up, climb, belay, play around, sit on the ledge. Whatever you like
(pretty much).

Also on Thursday:

*First social - Tight and Bright!*
Starts at *19:00 in JC's*. Will be a pub crawl through Swansea, nothing
elaborate, but will involve drinking....you know....because talking and
chatting is thirsty work!
As the name suggests, wear some bright and outrageous clothing! Yellow
trousers and pink tops and to be expected! Climbers usually have a strange
affinity to this stuff. Just do an google image search for "80's climber"
and you'll see.

After JC's the plan is to head to the Potters wheel and then to Sin City!

As for the obvious clash -

   1. You won't miss anything crucial at the uni wall, it'll be the same
   next week
   2. You can come to the uni wall for a bit if you like, then leave
   halfway through to join the others.

Theres a facebook event on the club group (click 'events' at the top) for
more up-to-date information.

Finally, not an event.

*The SUMC Climbing Improvement Scheme (SCIS) book*
This was something I've been working on this Summer, and version 1 is ready!

*What is it?*
A lot of you have started climbing indoors which is absolutely awesome! But
as time goes on the Monday trips may get repetitive, especially if you're
going to be doing the same thing each week. Wouldn't it be great if you
could something different? Or set yourself little goals or learn something
new each time?

And lo, the booklet was devised.

Its based on the NICAS course but a bit more taylor made to outdoor
climbing and outdoor leading. The book will take a person who has never
climbed before all the way up to a multi-pitch outdoor climber. Thats said,
the book is *NOT* to be used on its own. It doesn't give any instruction or
teach the reader - you still need real life input for that. But once
someone has taught you the basics, it should be enough for you to gain
confidence in your new found abilities, and use them to good practice.

*Where is it? How much?*
Obviously, as free as possible. I'll print out a few booklets and only
charge you for the printing (less than £1, probably about 50p). I'll also
upload the booklet to the website under the club documents section so you
can have a look too (before you print out your own/buy one)

*I don't want to!*
I should stress that this is NOT compulsory and theres 0 requirement to
complete certain sections. Things like *learning to lead belay* will be a
requirement on most later outdoor trips so the booklet may be handy there.
Its just a guide to show you what is possible, and something you can read
in your own time and google terms if you're unsure (or use the club

That'll do for now. If you have anymore questions about the book or the
week, we'll be around on Monday and Thursday to answer/explain them.

Tally ho!

Matt Ev

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