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Morning everyone, hope the weekend went well!

We have exciting news of our next outdoor day trip on REEEAAALLL rock.
Before I get there, so housekeeping:

*Monday nights at Dynamic Rock*
I know, £10 is a lot of money and it'll clear you out in no time if you pay
it for the rest of the term. But please bare with us a reduction in price
is imminent! All of you are progressing and being signed off at a rapid
pace meaning we don't need to pay for teachers. Once we're completely
teacher free, this price WILL drop to £7.50.

This Monday, we'll be *starting to teach lead climbing and lead belaying*
(we'll ask tonight dont worry if you forget). If you're interested in
learning, please let us know in Fulton house.

*Gear night at Dynamic Rock*
Our gear night IS confirmed to be the *20th of October* (next monday). THIS
is the night you should attend to get your own stuff, instead of the smelly
club kit. Shoes that fit and don't have holes and harnesses that do up with
just one tug! No more complicated double-backing! A lot of you have been
asking for prices - Im afraid we don't have any yet. All I can give you is
a *rough* estimate based on V12's website:

Harness £40 - £55
Shoes £40 - £60  (thats really approximate, but the more you pay the better
the shoe)
Belay Device - £10
Screwgate - £8 - £14
Chalk bag + Chalk - £15

Don't be put off by the money! Remember a few things. Firstly once they're
bought you wont need anymore for a long long time - particularly the
harness, chalk bag and belay device. Also these are rough prices off their
website, its likely to be cheaper on the night.

*Thursday Uni Wall*
Yeah its happening. £1.50, 19:00 at the sports hall.

*Friday - Brit Rock Social at dynamic rock*
Remember only £4 to see 4 films! Awesome. As we're running out of cars,
buses may be an option. Details are in Jess's E-mail.

*Day trip! Saturday 18th October*
Cost: *£5*
Time: *9:30am at Fulton House*
Sign up opens:* Midday *(12:00) today
Destination: *Trebanog* - Inland valleys sandstone
Style: Leader/seconder
Kit list: *Every trip* and *Day trip* (www.sumc.org.uk/resources) Remember
to ask for anything on the sign up sheet you dont have. If you tick
everything - you'll be given everything. If you don't know what it is (and
its not on the kit list) best not to ask for it ;)

*What is it?*
This is our first of many 'normal' day trips. We won't be building top
ropes and leaving you this time. On Saturday, you'll be in groups of 2 or 3
with a trad leader. The leader will lead climb the route, placing gear in
on the way up while you lead belay them up. Once the leader is at the top
and safe and ready to belay you up (you'll now be on 'top rope'), you climb
up taking the gear out as you go. Unless you already are a trad leader (and
know what it is) you wont be in a leading position, you'll just feel like
you're on top rope.

If you have* someone you'd like to climb with* let us know on the sign up
sheet - then we wont split up a winning team combination! (and it makes our
job a bit easier later on).
If you're a *trad leader,* again let us know on the sign up sheet.
The sign up sheet opens at midday today (soon). Again, the number of places
will be dependant on car drivers, so *if you can drive* please let us know
on the sign up sheet (tick the car driver box).

I think thats everything. We've got a busy week ahead of us it seems... See
you tonight!

Matt Ev

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