[SUMC] Dynamic rock introduction and day trip already!

SUMC Committee sumc at sumc.org.uk
Thu Sep 18 11:00:36 BST 2014

Hi all, two things:

1) We're having our annual *dynamic rock induction* on *Friday 26th
September.* This will allow you to manage groups of climbers (up to 3 in
the centre) and some tips on outdoor groups too. Its taken by Matt
Woodfield and is *free* (you normally have to pay the man).
*Please can you all attend as feasibly possible*! Nobody wants to teach for
a term but one or two nights is much more bearable! This club is losing
alot of experience at the end of this year so we need as many newbies as

2) *Day trip.* Yes a day trip. Its on the lovely new website Im sure you've
all seen - theres lots of buttons on there. The most important two are the
'events' button and the 'sign up' button.

The trip will be to *Pembroke* on* Saturday 27th *and will cost *about
£5 *(fuel
costs - up to the driver to decide). Its a trad trip, please
organise/request kit and partners in advance. We'll be leaving *Fulton
House at 8:00am*. Crag to be decided, but if anyone has any suggestions
feel free. Else we'll go to Stennis Ford or something...

Don't forget, you can sign up to SUMC online NOW before the freshers and
before the uni server crashes. Keep an eye on the facebook group for
evening trips to the pub and don't forget your nut key.

Matt Ev

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