[SUMC] Fresher Fayre and Dynamic rock Induction

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Hi all

As Im sure you know, freshers fayre is tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday. If
you're planning on walking around come along to our stall and say hi and
have a chat to the committee. We're at the back of the tent, on the right
(You'll probably hear the hexes before you see it though).

If you don't want to fight your way through the crowds, you can still sign
up online from the comfort of your home:

The only form we'll have at Fresher Fayre this year is an E-mail sign up
sheet. This is to save on paper, time and you guys having to stand around
in the tent.

Indemnity/BMC membership forms will be handed out on the Thursday and
Monday night sessions OR you can now download it from the website:
http://www.sumc.org.uk/documents/. If you download it, print it out and
fill it in, you can simply hand it in on the Thursday/Monday and climb
STRAIGHT AWAY. If you can't get to a printer by Thursday/Monday don't
worry! We will have some printed out that you can fill in on the night.

Now, the dynamic rock induction. If you are interested can you please
1) Sign up to the event on the website:
2) Reply to the facebook post

Once we know numbers and car drivers, I'll formulate a plan and spread the
word. It is likely to be: Meeting at Fulton house at 18:00

Thats all for now, sorry about the essay!

Matt Ev

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