[SUMC] Frankenjura Easter Trip + Day trip

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Tue Feb 3 00:09:15 GMT 2015

Hi all

This drunken E-mail is aimed at those coming to the Frankenjura trip, or
anyone potentially coming (due to car drivers etc). Also of interest to
those coming on the day trip this weekend.

There will be a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at my house, 27 Alexandra
Terrace at 18:00 - 20:00 to discuss and enlighten you on various important
aspects of the trip. You should definitely attend if you want to enjoy your
time there!

** Day trip**
This weekends day trip will be to Crab Island in the Mumbles AND/OR to
Sewerpipe crag bouldering. Details available in the guidebook or South
Wales Mountaineering Wiki.
Trip cost is the usual £5 and the trip will be dependant on car drivers (I
won't be there, I think you know why ;) ) We're also limited on bouldering
pads unless you have one so this will limit numbers a bit more...

Nevertheless, sign up online you know the drill. Remember to amend your
sign up as necessary and if you cant make it, DON'T sign up!

Much love

Matt Lab

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