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Mon Jan 12 10:37:00 GMT 2015

Hi Everyone, hope revision isn't killing you too much.

We've had an E-mail from V12 telling us how you can get your 20% discount
online at their shop (www.v12outdoor.com). For those who turned up to gear
night, the plethora of gear that was available there was part of the V12
stock, so if santa forgot something over Christmas, you can try again at
V12. Heres how to do it:

***V12 Outdoor Message***

*How to get your discount*

Discount is *20% off RRP. *It does not apply to Books, DVD’s, Maps and
cosmetic seconds, some other items may be excluded from the discount at our
discretion. To get your discount simply E-mail a list of the items you
would like to: orders at v12outdoor.com put a heading of ‘Student discount
order’, please include your student discount number and name, please be
specific with what you would like, colour, size, quantity, whether it is
screwgate, quicklock etc. We will then work out the best price for you, if
we already have an item on promotion and it is cheaper than 20% off RRP you
will be charged the cheaper price, otherwise we will discount the item by
20% off RRP and get back to you with an amount. At this point you can
decide whether to accept the price, if you do you can phone us to pay, or
we can send you a paypal invoice. Once the payment has been made we will
dispatch your goods.

Please note that the student discount cannot be used alongside any other
promotion or with our loyalty card scheme

*** End ***

You may be asking, what is your student discount number? It's simply your
student number ;)

This offer is only open to members who have paid for SUMC membership. A
list of paid members was submitted to V12 before Christmas so if you've
paid since then, let me know if you want adding. V12 *will* check the list
to make sure you are a member ;)

Thats all. Good luck, work hard but don't forget to take breaks.... ;)

Matt Ev

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