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Hi Everyone

This E-mail is for those only interested in coming on the* Easter Trip* to
*Frankenjura*. If you don't know what Im talking about, have a google and
look at the event on the SUMC facebook group.

Apologies for sending this during exam period, I hope things are going
well! If you're in need of some climbing related relief, people may still
travel to Dynamic Rock - check the group ;)

*Training* for the trip will begin at some point and there are a lot of
things we need to go through and get better at. The more prepared we are
before we leave, the better the trip will be! I'll also be holding a brief
"lecture" (very short, may become part of a movie night) about what to

Here are some approximate costs for Frankenjura:

The place we're looking at to stay is 10€ a night. Its free from Saturday
28th - Friday 3rd as in we're leaving on Friday the 3rd. Thats 6 nights
thus 60€ (about £45).
The ferry is about £100 for a car, so assuming we take 4 people in a car
thats £25 each.
Fuel estimate - Its about 1600 mile round trip which roughly is £200 of
fuel (but obviously this can vary between cars/drivers). Again with 4
sharing thats £50 each
Total without food/drink/postcards - £120
As we're needing to book this ASAP (so we know how many spaces to book)
We're going to need to start taking *deposits* of ***£100***

As Chris Lyus and the rest of the committee will be busy with exams, I can
take money off people at most times and days. Im in the Talbot Building
most days, but give me a message on facebook if you need directions/want to
check Im in.

Ill go through equipment and guidebooks with people on the "lecture" night.

I think thats all for now. Get your pysche going with Jan Hojer climbing
Action Directe - the worlds first 9a!

Good luck with the rest of your exams!

Matt Ev

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