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Fri Mar 13 10:10:29 GMT 2015

Hello everyone!

Very exciting news. Our most important event of the year has been
established, the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The date for this is now set

*Friday 24th April, 19:00*

Put it in your phone calendar/diarys NOW before you forget!

As you know, the AGM is where we decide how the club is run next year which
directly benefits *YOU*, the climber. Do you want membership fees to
change? Do you want to run for a committee position because you can do the
job better? The AGM is the place to tweak the club so that it is as good as
it can be for the next year.

The other most important and valuable resource is *FEEDBACK*! Have you not
climbed as much as you'd have liked to? Why not? Would you have preferred
other trips? More trips? Less trips? Our goal (well, mine atleast) for the
last year was to get as many of you climbing as frequently as possible. If
we've not achieved this I think its very important to know why!

Another reason to go briefly mentioned above is for the *election of
committee positions*. You can only be elected for a committee position by
being present at the AGM (although skype has been used in the past but
thats a ball-ache). You can run for any number of the current committee
positions (http://www.sumc.org.uk/committee) and any other position we
include (which will be voted for at the AGM). A full agenda for the meeting
will be made available online on the website as soon as we know what we're

One final point, the SS has requested that we change our constitution to a
prettier format. This unfortunately has caused a re-write in order to
conform to the new format. But don't worry, it pretty much says the same
thing, but it is easier to reference and find what you're looking for!
Again, I'll upload the *new constitution for 2015-2016* soon.

So please make every effort to attend, whether you're a regular or not.
Your feedback is vital, your vote counts and there will be nibbles too.

Tally ho!

Matt Ev

SUMC Committee

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