[mw-devel] CVS Update at silver.sucs.org: mw

Peter Berry pwb at sucs.org
Mon Dec 13 01:22:09 GMT 2004

CVSROOT:	/usr/local/src/cvs
Module name:	mw
Changes by:	pwb at silver.sucs.org	04/12/13 01:22:09

Modified files:
	src            : bork.h 

Log message:
	fixed a couple of typos
	(global_infarno, bludgoen, ^ outside of "", % or £ instead of $,
	rallly, Scotish)
	added a couple of 'this is a user' comments just for completeness
	How about for firefury... "non rage" (english->korean->english)
	or "the fire is angry" (english->chinese->english on google)?

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