[mw-devel] [Milliways V3] #42: mw should output a sanitised log file

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Sun Oct 26 13:33:50 GMT 2008

#42: mw should output a sanitised log file
  Reporter:  chckens      |       Owner:  arthur
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new   
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:        
 Component:  talker       |     Version:        
Resolution:               |    Keywords:        
Comment (by welshbyte):

 Certainly an issue which needs to be addressed. My preferred solution is
 to not log private messages at all, that way users can be confident that
 .saytos and .whispers are in fact private.

 If we really have to log .whispers and .saytos (and I can't think why we
 should need to) I'd prefer not to duplicate messages over two log files -
 perhaps keep private messages in a separate log file which has tighter
 perms instead?

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