[Pybackpack] pybackpack thoughts and future

seth vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Wed Aug 22 06:00:51 BST 2007

 I've been playing with pybackpack off and on for a while now and I like
the functionality it provides. It hits a nice niche of user backups and
the interface is really quite simple to use. Thank you. I'd like to
suggest a few directions to go to make it more ubiquitous and common on
people's desktops. Tell me if you think I'm in deep-crack mode or
not. :)

First, the interface for adding files to any given backup is pretty good
and straightforward. I wonder if it would be possible to make pybackpack
a destination in nautius send-to? So I could right-click on any dir or
file select send-to, pybackpack/some-backup-name and have that dir added
to that pybackpack backup collection.

Second, the major problem people have with backups in general is
forgetting to run them. Would it be possible to write out a file
to .dotfile somewhere in ~/ that would say when the last backup
completed? And then have an gnome panel applet monitor that file/those
files and if a backup has not been run in a user-specified amount of
time (defaulting to every 24 hours) then it will throb or annoy you in
some way that you need to run a backup. Alternatively the panel applet
could, if you're connected to the network (as told to you by network
manager), do the backup for you, if pybackpack is so configured. Does
that make sense?

Third, are there any plans to work with duplicity instead of
rdiff-backup so the backup could be encrypted more easily?

Fourth, has any thought been given to integrating or being a reseller
for services such as rsync.net or amazon-s3? It would be great if
pybackpack made it simple to setup an rsync.net or s3 account and could
interact with either. rsync.net is obviously simple to integrate with
b/c they support rdiff-backup directly. s3 might be straightforward
using the s3 python modules that exist.

Are any of these ideas in the plan? If they're not in the plan are any
of them completely crack-ridden such that work done on any of them would
be ignored/thrown away?

Thanks for the great program!

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