[Pybackpack] pybackpack thoughts and future

Andrew Price andy at andrewprice.me.uk
Sun Dec 9 16:47:07 GMT 2007

Hi Seth,

On 22/08/07 08:56, seth vidal wrote:
> okay - so I was curious so I played with nautilus-python and pybackpack
> a bit and I came up with this as a first-dash solution:
> http://skvidal.fedorapeople.org/pybackpack-nautilus.py

Here's a diff updating your pybackpack-nautilus script to work with
pybackpack 0.5.3. As you can see, adding files to a backup set is a
two-liner now:


For more info:

>>> import pybackpack.backupsets
>>> help(pybackpack.backupsets)


Andy Price

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