[Pybackpack] Pybackpack development discontinued

Seth Vidal skvidal at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 2 03:33:36 BST 2012

On Sun, 1 Jul 2012, Andrew Price wrote:

> Hi all,
> Due to time constraints and lack of interest I'm officially putting 
> pybackpack to bed, it has ceased to be, it is an ex-project.
> If anybody still uses it for making backups, they needn't worry: Pybackpack 
> is essentially a graphical front end to rdiff-backup which can be used to 
> restore files from existing backups. Last I looked there were other GUIs for 
> rdiff-backup which could also be used to restore files. Failing that, it is 
> possible to restore the latest backup simply by copying the files from the 
> backup location.
> Backup tools have come a long way since pybackpack was first created and 
> there are much better ones to be found, my current preference being Lars 
> Wirzenius's Obnam, a young but useful backup tool project which will probably 
> give rise to some graphical front ends in time, if it hasn't already.
> Pybackpack has not been in the Fedora repositories for a while and I'll 
> shortly be requesting its removal from future versions of Debian. I'm going 
> to shut down the wiki and bug tracker as well as this mailing list in due 
> course.

  Thank you for working on pybackpack while you did and thank you for 
sending this message out and properly discontinuing the project. I 
appreciate it.

Good luck in the future.


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