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Hello Fellow Raggies,
As you know the highly anticipated beer race is coming closer :-) So to reward all you lovely Raggies for stewarding and helping us raise lots of money fo our 21 charities I am organising a social for November the 23rd! As we don't get to take part properly in the beer race, (although stewarding it is probably the funnest part), I decided as social secretary that we should have our own beer race/bar crawl down Wind street. Now the plan is to meet outside Play at 9 'o' clock on the 23rd and set off from there deciding where everyone would like to go and to end up in Oceana. The committee also thought it might be a good idea to dress up in fancy dress to imitate the beer race itself, however, this is optional and if you would be more comfy in your own clothes you;re more than welcome. The more of us that turn up the better, the more people we can meet, and the more drinks to be consumed. (Responsibly of course) So if you could let me know if you;re coming that would be great :-) Hope to hear from and see all you lovely Raggies soon.
On another note I'm busy trying to sort out our much loved Christmas Social. This is probably the best way to end the first term back at university so I'm hoping many of you will be looking forward to it. We decided that after the last couple of years, the Christmas dinner is quite a special affair so we decided to have the meal in the Rhyddings pub as it's a bit more personal and then head into town afterwards. Probably ending up in oceana. I was planning to book this for December the 2nd which is a Wednesday. So if you could let me know asap that'd be great. So here is the Christmas menu, if you would like to let me know if you want to come, and choose what you would like to eat that'd be great. There's a £5 deposit per person for bookings so can you let me know asap and then we can arrange a meeting to sort out the money side of things. There's an option of two courses for £10-95 or 3 courses for £12-95 and the selection is as follows:
Tomato, basil and chilli soup
Mini Camembert
Mushroom Pepperpot
Prawn Cocktail
Main course:
Roast Turkey
8oz Rump Steak
Salmon en croute
Lamb Shank
Spinach and goats chees tart
All of the main courses are served with seasonal veg, roast potatoes, boiled potatoes, yorkshire pudding and stuffing.
Chocaberry pie
Chocolate fudge cake
Christmas pudding
This is one of the nicest menu's I have seen so I hope many of you are tempted and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks for taking the time to read this monumentally long email.
Love Ally (Social Secretary) and the RAG Committee

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