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Hey everyone,
Sorry this is later than planned, I got food poisoning over the weekend and so have not had chance to sort this.
Below are the manifestos which were submitted for online voting for the committee elections. If you cannot make it to the AGM tomorrow please vote for the candidates of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Beer Race Organiser and Social Secretary by emailing swansearag at hotmail.co.uk by 1pm on Tuesday 8th June.
Just a reminder that the AGM will start at 3pm on Tuesday 8th June in Fulton House Lecture Room 5.
If you are interested in standing for a position please come to the AGM prepared to give a short speech on your ideas and suitability for the role. You can stand for more than one position, as we will elect each position separately starting with President.
See you tomorrow


Swansea RAG Committee Elections 2010
Becca Taylor
Hey, I’m Becca, and I’m a first year History and Politics student. I first became involved in RAG at the beginning of last semester, and have loved being part of such a worthy cause. If elected as your President for the next year, it is my intention to improve the great work of James and: 
-         Work with a wide variety of societies to arrange big events and have a presence on campus. 
-         Improve promotion for our events through closer links with the ents team and through gimmicks in front of Fulton House to get attention. 
-         Start a RAG fest to celebrate Swansea Uni talent, and work with comedy, dance and drama, as well as bands/artists and Welsh Language and to create a fantastic one-day event for the end of RAG week 2011. 
-         Move RAG challenges such as Jailbreak sign-up to Freshers’ week.
-         Work with Waterfront to get a better deal for the RAG mag and to produce it as an insert with the Waterfront.
-         Pass an SGM motion to ensure that charity and fundraising work on campus comes through RAG. 
I promise now to work hard for this society, and dedicate myself to raising more money than last year and making this year fantastic for RAG. So, please vote for me as your RAG President for 2010-11!
Lauren Walton
Hi! I’m Lauren ‘Ren’ Walton, and I wish to be your RAG president for the coming academic year 2010/11. 
If elected, I intend to:
-          Expand on our main events; increase publicity to get as much out of such events as possible, especially in fresher’s week and RAG week. The more money we raise is the more help we can offer to our charities.
-          Host entirely new, large events to refresh the society’s efforts, hopefully by gaining more members this will be possible. 
-          Work more within the community, host more RAG raids where possible to move outside of the university and gain awareness for our cause.
-          Collaborate with Ents, Waterfront, Extreme Radio and other societies to improve the university knowledge of our cause and create events as big as the beer race and bigger. 
-          Help everyone within the society have a fantastic time raising money for the less fortunate!
Having been involved with RAG for so long, this is an endeavour close to my heart. Having seen James work incredibly hard for the society I am fully aware of the responsibilities involved and feel completely ready to take them on board with the intent of, at the very least, maintaining the brilliant standard Mr Kerr has already set. 
Please vote for me! It would mean a lot to me to be able to help at such a level. 
Stephen Marshall
Hiya all, i would love to have the change to become Vice President in the upcoming year as i believe, i can contribute my knowledge and experience of the past few years to help the society raise even more money. I have been involved since the start and was one of the societies I ensured I signed up to, since then I have been involved in lots by giving up spare time whether it is the beer race or at cake sales or raids. 
If elected I would look at enabling active communication between the society, the union and also the local community, ensuring that we show students in the positive limelight .It is vital for RAG to work together with other societies, as they can help us when they have nights out to give a small donation, or duel events where we can help societies plan and host events and in doing so receiving much needed donations. 
I believe in team work and would do my up most to keep a cool working relationship with other committee or society members. I would want to work on increasing those who are active and to be known on campus, as at the current time unfortunately students only know of RAG week and not the fact we are a society. If all of us can put our minds and hearts into the society we can achieve more than this year, and of which I would love to be apart of. 
Luke Crothers
Hey guys and girls,
For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Luke and I am the current Treasurer for RAG. Although, with your help, I’m looking to be re-elected to the same position for the coming term. As the title suggests, my main role is to look after the society’s finances throughout the year. However, I have also taken an active role in the various events, RAG has hosted this year. As you’ll soon find out at the AGM, we have raised a phenomenal amount for our charities once again and if elected again, I’m looking to do the same! I believe that I can bring valuable experience to the committee next year and with my knowledge can improve upon the great events, which RAG have held throughout the year. Not only would I be able and willing to do that but also there are a number of proposals, which I’m looking to bring forward next year. For instance, I’m looking to:
-          Enhance the image of RAG and raise the awareness of the society and its function within the University.
-          Work more within the whole community rather than limiting ourselves to the University.
-          Work better with the societies in the University, rather than the “fighting” we have at the moment on who will be fundraising for what cause.
And many more so vote for me please to stay as your treasurer for the next year.
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
Events Officer:
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
Publicity and Media Officer:
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
Beer Race Organiser:
Mitchell Theaker
I'd like to gain the position of beer race organiser on the RAG committee as it is simply a true passion of mine.
1. I want to ensure that the next beer race is as amazing as the last one by working hard with the committee and ex-committee members. 
2. I want to try and increase the number of attendees by early advertisement and early ticket sales.
3. I want to ensure that everyone involved has the best time possible and try to make a record amount of profit for out charity. 

I will work as hard as possible to ensure that RAG once again has a fantastic beer race and our record as being a society dedicated to brilliant events to raise money for charity is not let down. 
With hard work and determination together we could make this the most successful beer race to date.
Social Secretary:
Bethany Oyston

I’ve been at Swansea University for two years now and in the whole of those two years I have been involved with Rag. I was elected Ents Liaison on February, but have now decided that I would like to run for Social Secretary for the next academic year. If elected I want to ensure that Rag have one social every month. Ranging from going to Laser Zone, Bowling, Playzone, Wind Street or even just a catch up in JC’s.  I believe that it is good to have a variation of different types of socials so that the members of rag to social with each other in different and more ways.

Please vote me your social Secretary.
Catrin Roberts
Hi I’m Catrin Roberts (Cat); I’m a soon to be third year and am currently an active member of RAG. Throughout my year as a member I have taken part in rag raids, one of which was in London. I have also helped raise money for different causes such as the HAITI appeal with amnesty. 

If I was to get social secretary next year there are a significant amount of things I would like to change. RAG is a big society and it has been disappointing this year that only one social has been a success. Socials are very important and it’s a chance for members and the committee to unwind and after all, everything we do is for charity so why deny ourselves? The first thing I would do as social secretary is to plan all the events before hand and sort out the dates with fellow committee members so as to get a clear plan of what the socials will be and when. I would hold a variety of different socials, from non-drinking ones to fancy dress on wind street. In order to have a successful social it is important to have a starting off/ ending venue and although I can’t promise it’s possible I will try and find us a sponsor, maybe on wind street to help us with socials and other RAG events. As social secretary it is very important to integrate freshers as they are the future of RAG. It would be a good idea at the beginning of the year to have a social so everyone can get to know each other and know exactly which committee member is which and who to go to with a problem. 

I feel I am a very outgoing person and very social, you will constantly see me on wind street having a good time. I am very friendly and have many a great idea and would love to be your social secretary for next year as I feel I can bring and change a lot for the society!
RAG Raids Officer
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
RAG Mag Editor
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
Special Events Co-ordinator
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
RAG Reps Officer
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.
Ents Liaison 
No manifestos submitted for online voting. Candidates may still stand at the AGM.

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