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Hello all, 
We have two RAG Raids coming up soon - please reply to swansearag at hotmail.co.uk if you are interested. 

First of all, here is some information on Raids: 
What are RAG Raids / Collections? 
Street Collections: Currently known as 'Raids', where volunteer collectors go out into the streets (often in costume) to collect for a specific charity on any given day with buckets. Many RAGs also organise week-long 'Tours' over the University holidays, in which they will travel from town to town, collecting as they go and raising thousands of pounds for charity.
Megaraids: A Megaraid is defined as a Raid where more than one RAG is present. In recent years these have been organised on a massive scale by charities with some events taking place for over a decade. Charities that have developed student fundraising events include Barnardo's, Help the Aged, Meningitis UK, Meningitis Research Foundation, KidsCan, The Meningitis Trust and Cancer Research UK. All Megaraids tend to include a social aspect and often attract former students who return to take part.
These are our upcoming Raids:
Breast Cancer Raid 
Saturday 20th November (next Saturday) in Swansea City Centre 
Time TBC 
Up to 10 places available 
World AIDS Day Mega Raid (London) 
Saturday 27th November 
Up to 10 places available 
There will be an overnight stay in London on Saturday night 
Please let me know ASAP (in particular for London so accomodation can be arranged).
Hoping to hear from you. 
Stephen Marshall "Ginger Steve"
Vice President and RAG Raids Officer 

Swansea University RAG – Raise and Give

c/o Swansea University Students' Union
Union House
Swansea University
Singleton Park

During the 2009-2010 academic term we raised over £28,000 for our charities.

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