[SUMC] Saturdays trip and Dynamic rock price change!!

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Fri Oct 28 00:07:08 BST 2011

Hi all - just a few bits of info for the outdoor trip saturday and the price
change for dynamic rock trips on mondays.

SATURDAYS TRIP: We're meeting at Fulton House on Saturday at 8.30am. We'll
go climbing and get back to Fulton House by about 18:00 and then go to Pub
on the Pond for food so bring some money for that if you want to attend.

What YOU need to bring:
Decent footwear for the walk in. Its not long but can be uncomfortable in
some shoes
Suitable climbing clothes, IE not jeans!
A small-ish daysack for the below (no giant expedition bags please....)
Spare warm wear (fleeces/micro fleeces/hoodies)
Waterproofs. Weather forecast is sunny spells but you never know
Food to eat whilst on the crag (remember we're there all day)
Some footwear to climb in if there aren't enough shoes

If you can not attend and are signed up please cancel asap.

DYNAMIC ROCK PRICE CHANGE: Some good news for you all  -* as of* *monday
31st october *the price for the monday night trips to *Dynamic rock will be
hopefully i've done this e-mail so you can all see it!!
see you all soon

Matt R [treasurer]

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