[SUCS Devel] New direction for the SUCS Site(s?)

Imran Hussain imranh at sucs.org
Mon Nov 12 11:39:29 GMT 2018

On 12.11.2018 11:28, Andrew Price wrote:
> This will create a lot of duplication of theming and content, fun
> interdependencies (cross-links, APIs...), challenges in deploying
> dependent changes at the same time, etc. I would suggest not rushing
> to make these changes happen.

Yes this is a big negative. Just look at GNU/Hurd.

I think we should take the direct of these micro-sites not interacting 
or depending on each other.

It means there'll be even more duplication but it'll properly silo bits 
so changes can be made to one section without the worry of how another 
bit will react to those changes.

We 100% want to avoid diving blindly head first into it. The current 
site should and will probably stay for a while.

If we take this approach to building the new sites then we can build 
them around the existing one pulling and tweaking existing dbs when 
needed and creating new dbs when also needed and when all the new sites 
are done and deemed good to go, we can just put the old site to rest.

Hope I've explained that well.


Imran Hussain

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