[Hiking] Cheddar Gorge, T-shirt Competition and Christmas Dinner

Chris Jones hiking at sucs.org
Thu Nov 24 14:39:32 GMT 2005

Just a quick email from me this week,

T-shirt Competition! Get your designs in soon!

Christmas dinner, "its great, come!"

For those of you going on the Cheddar Gorge trip

Things you need!
* Sleeping Bag
* Plenty of warm layers
* Food : Enough for all your meals between Friday evening and Sunday  
If you don't want to cook, I seem to remember that the pub (10-min  
walk from where we are staying) does food, and we will be visiting on  
both Friday and Saturday evening, Also early on Saturday evening we  
will be in Cheddar  where there are a couple of take aways.
If you want to cook, there is a fully equipped kitchen with just  
about everything you might want.
* Cash, whilst you might find a cash point in Cheddar or Wells, don't  
rely on it!
* Boots, Waterproof, Layers, all the normal things you bring on a hike!
* Change of clothes for Sunday!

Meet at the minibus bays between Fulton house and the union building  
at 5pm, bags can be dropped off in the SUCS room between 11am and  
12noon (Map at http://sucs.org/services/room.php)

Chris Jones, Hiking Club Chairman

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