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Tue Oct 11 07:33:35 BST 2005

Photos from the Preseli Hills - http://www.uwshiking.org.uk/gallery/ 
If you have any photos from any walk you would like to see on the web- 
site just email them to hiking at society.swan.ac.uk

There is a lot to tell you about this week, so if your sitting  
comfortably I'll begin..

First up, This Tuesday (the 11th) is the annual equipment trip,  
postponed from last week. This is your chance to get kited out for  
the year ahead at a discount. Even if you don't need any kit pop  
along a bit later as we will be heading for wind street afterwards.
You can meet us at 5pm in JC's, 6pm at the quadrant bus station, in  
Out and About between 6 and 7pm and in Lloyds Bar (Formally the Bank  
Statement) from about 7:15pm

This Sunday sees the first C grade walk of term, Pen-Y-Fan a walk  
that takes in several peaks including the highest is South Wales.  
Stunning views over a spectacular landscape make this walk one of my  
favourites this year, and with one of the UK's finest pubs, The Star  
Inn, providing refreshments you could not as for a better day. Sign  
up for this walk as useual in JC's between 12:30 and 13:30 on  
Wednesday and Friday.
This week we will be getting serious about kit, anyone that turns up  
in trainers or jeans will be turned away. You have been warned!
You can checkout photos from last years walk here - http:// 

The first weekend away of the year, to the Peak District is fast  
approaching. The trip will leave campus on the Friday (21st) evening  
and return on Sunday evening(the 23rd). We manage to squeeze two  
walks into one weekend, including the unmissable Kinder Scout!
The trip will cost £25 including transport and accommodation, but you  
will need to bring a sleeping bag and food for the weekend. More  
details to follow. Its strictly first come first served, so be prompt!
You can sign up for the Peaks weekend away on Tuesday the 18th in  
JC's at 6pm.

After the Peak District sign up, we'll be heading down to mumbles for  
the Round the World Pub Crawl, our unique take on the mumbles mile.  
For one night, each pub becomes a country, and at each we'll sample a  
drink from that country! So, Guinness for Ireland, Vodka for Russia,  
and, if your stomach can stand it, a Mexican Tequila to round off the  
evening! Up for the challenge? Then make your way down to the White  
Rose for 7.30pm on Tuesday October 18th. or meander down there with  
us after the sign up!

And finally its nearly time for the club to elect two first year  
reps, If its your first year in the club, and you fancy getting more  
involved, or finding out how the club is run this is your chance! As  
a first year rep all you have to do is turn up to our weekly  
meetings, you can do more but there is no pressure! You don't even  
have to be a fresher to be a first year rep, just in your first year  
with the club.
If you want to know more about being a first year rep email me, ask  
at signup or on a walk.

As always if you have any questions or comments just email us, or ask!

Hope to see you all soon!

Chris :)

Chris Jones, Hiking Club Chairman
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